Public Schools Aren’t Broken!


Public Schools Aren’t Broken!  Destroying Children & America Is What They Were Designed To Do.

Want more enlightenment on just how detrimental government schools really are and how they are ruining not just our kids but our society?  Then you must get this book.

An abosolute must read by Greg Perry of


Homeschooling and “rendering unto Ceasar.”

Ann Zeise is a pro, expert, and all around “knows just about everything concerning homeschooling” parent. I highly recommend checking out her site,

She gives great advice on what I like to call “give unto Ceasar” regarding the so called acceptable titles to your everyday homeschooling activities.  If you feel the need to keep records of your child’s progress, for fear of it ever being addressed by local school authorities, police, or anybody else who has absolutely no right to meddle in your homeschooling business, (btw, needless obsession over records is something that I hope to address in the near future), then you may want to consider this type of jargon translation so as to satisfy “Ceasar.”

Homeschool Activity Translated into Educationalese
Trip to the Library Research Instruction;Silent, Sustained Reading;Resource Identification
Shopping[depending on grocery, building supply, etc.] Consumer Math;Health and Hygiene Instruction,Geography,Consumer Education,Time and Money
Homeschool Support Group Meeting Socializational Development
Playing Outside Low-Organized Physical Education
Interesting Family Outing
[even if it’s on the weekend, call it a school day]
Educational Field Trip;
Resource Field Trip in conjunction with _____(name of subject)
Arts & Crafts
in relation to any subject
Manipulative Construction relating to ____ (name of subject)
Chores along with the family Manual Arts;
Home Economics; Time-on-Task development;
Values Education
Legos, K’nex or Blocks building Building Critical Thinking;
Small Motor Skills;
Gardening Botanical Science
Child Learning to be brave Quantitive, Contributive Sociological Development
Dentist visit Health, Occupational Education
Kicking Around a Soccer Ball PE, Angles, Critical Thinking, Large Motor Skills
Zoo Field Trip Reading maps; PE – walking; reading and narrating (read and observe-tell about what you saw and read about); art (draw animals)
Nature Walk and collecting things along the way, identifying them from a book PE, Reading and Science
Reading the Daily Paper Social Studies, Current Events
Drawing Art
4-H Activities Social Studies, Science, Language Arts
Bicycling PE
Talking with Grandma About Her Life and Experiences History
Playing Monopoly Math, Economics
TV Documentaries, Movies
TLC, History Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, PBS, Health Channel, etc.
History, Geography, Science, Social Sciences